Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skinning steel part 2 in progress

I've been working in a way of "fractalise
" structures, It occurred to me that the same process could be applied to the skinning steel structure, Naturally it originates a different project, different spaces, etc. But a similar urban approach. This time creating glazed spaces inside and in-between the structure and surroundings.
I'll leave you a teaser.


Bridge !!!

Finally got some time to play with GH. This definition was constructed while I was on the phone, you know how we all tend to draw something... well.. here it is.

It's a very simple definition, operates just a couple of basic commands. It builds up on top of seven symmetrical nurbs, all the structure is parametric (sliders for everything), I will try to find time to look into paneling and more advanced def. I added the usual renderings and human scale, and made it some kind of a bridge between two imaginary points.

Cheers !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fractal cage

I'm still experimenting with the process of fractalize meshes. I'm also giving gimp a try, and I ended up doing some test collages, playing a bit with the context and the relation between the structure and the human scale.

Btw the backgrounds, are not my own, they are just desktops that I found somewhere in the net, but they suit more or less what I needed for the test. Enjoy

UPDATE: More about this research in my other blog: