Thursday, January 22, 2009


Another short formal essay. Aiming the construction of coral-like building, working as a biotope.

Shade, light, temperature, humidity control. The building would regulate this factors like a living organism, the same with all other functions, waters and energy.

It explores the notion of porous space, the relation between "bubbles", and the hybridization of staying places and passage spaces, and the duality between mass and subtraction/retraction.
still.... loads of thinking to do in this one.....


My new twitter account. I've noticed that twitter can be used for sharing relevant information, like resource sites and more.

So I'm sharing pieces of information that I found useful for designers. Themes are (most of the time) Architecture, Industrial, graphic design specific, software / hardware related and tutorials. The objective is sharing really useful information, without being much of a nag.

You can find there, great zines like archdaily or yanko, and great studios like Various architects and more.

Naturally you can find me there under the name: pguerreiro

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Component Generation using Grasshopper surface box and box morph.

I got inspired by Andre's exquisite Grasshopper rumblings (thanks for the great tips), So I finally spared a couple of hours to play with it. And... it's the second best invention after the wheel. (no joke).. I wish I had time to take a deep dive into it. Still, here is the result, I followed a basic but brilliant tutorial done by Zach (Kudos!!), pretty soon I will be testing my own definitions.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Skinning steel

A small experiment (yet to be deeply developed), aims to the re-use of steel structures in urban niches.

Re framed Steel structures, that grows between, under or above urban existences. Skinned with a polymeric membrane, acts simultaneously as a roof, facade, floor. Subverts the notion of interior and exterior. Creates (sometimes) shade, shelter and visually frames part of the urban view without enclosure.

In this hybrid environment, equates the possibility of creating an independent support system for various programmatic purposes. I can imagine some sort of market, Chinatown, commercial and passage way, blade runner style.

The images for now are not that elaborate though, and refer mostly to the framing.

Keywords: anisotropy, deform, distortion, endemic, field space, flexible, hybrid program, in-between, interference, motion, polymer, polymorphic, skin, sustainability, systemic, urban