Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gene Lab

One of these days, I found myself approaching a Lab project. Some time in the past I worked in interior Lab design, the projects are complex, packed with regulations, but at the same time challenging and full of excitement.
Needless to say that greater the client's budget... greater the excitement, and pretty sleek results can be obtained...

Anyway I ended up (for kicks), creating a shell for a gene lab / university (space port) like sleek building. The idea was to create a animated facade (pretty baroque) formally inspired in crystal structures, that would work with a inner hull to accommodate several technical spaces and equipment.

The modeling technique, passed by the obvious subdivide methods, followed by a light fractal extrusion and followed by a random extrusion. Most of the times you may have to code this, but I'm pretty lazy so I used blender that provide those same tools out of the box.
I'm not going trough the hole project study, I just let you the test images of the crazy facade.