Monday, January 19, 2009

Skinning steel

A small experiment (yet to be deeply developed), aims to the re-use of steel structures in urban niches.

Re framed Steel structures, that grows between, under or above urban existences. Skinned with a polymeric membrane, acts simultaneously as a roof, facade, floor. Subverts the notion of interior and exterior. Creates (sometimes) shade, shelter and visually frames part of the urban view without enclosure.

In this hybrid environment, equates the possibility of creating an independent support system for various programmatic purposes. I can imagine some sort of market, Chinatown, commercial and passage way, blade runner style.

The images for now are not that elaborate though, and refer mostly to the framing.

Keywords: anisotropy, deform, distortion, endemic, field space, flexible, hybrid program, in-between, interference, motion, polymer, polymorphic, skin, sustainability, systemic, urban


Lewis Wadsworth said...

That's really beguiling, Paul. How much of the form pictured was created by a script, or rather, how much did you have to modify the results of a script to get that form?

Paulo Guerreiro said...

Well, since I'm not developing it much because I'm just exploring the concept, it doesn't have a single line of code.
I was able to create a very straightforward modeling process to get that, in fact it in just takes a couple of minutes.
It's just simple modeling. I started with a angular mesh surface (capped), then i sliced it almost randomly, offset faces (inner), delete them, extrude them. And we get our fist structural frame. Copy that, scale it just a bit and "blob it", you may have to tweak the process. I'll email you a quick illustrated example. The good thing is that the process is simple enough to be scripted.

STU said...

would love to know what rendering software you used for the images.

Paulo Guerreiro said...

Hi !
I render with cinema 4d v11.
But you can do with with pretty much any software.

STU said...

using Vray on my end, but really like the scene setting you have.

Paulo Guerreiro said...

I love vray. There is a c4d version, that is awsome (check: ) But C4d primary engine is also great, rock stable, great GI, very fast, and easy to set up. The images are just the basic settings, no GI, (no nothing really), rendered in a just a few (5 or 8..) minutes with a 2core 4g ram. Check the trial c4d and see for yourself :)

William said...

Hey, paul can i get an illustrated example as well. love the look of this structure.

Paulo Guerreiro said...

Sure,I may forget tough. e-mail me.