Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bridge !!!

Finally got some time to play with GH. This definition was constructed while I was on the phone, you know how we all tend to draw something... well.. here it is.

It's a very simple definition, operates just a couple of basic commands. It builds up on top of seven symmetrical nurbs, all the structure is parametric (sliders for everything), I will try to find time to look into paneling and more advanced def. I added the usual renderings and human scale, and made it some kind of a bridge between two imaginary points.

Cheers !


STU said...

very cool. hey how did you get your background to be black?

Paulo Guerreiro said...

Hi Stu.

I composed the def. with some extra images as you see. The black, just hit "i" to invert the original color, Photoshop it's the same. :) no magick in here i'm afraid :)


Paulo Guerreiro said...

"i " was in gimp.

Wallace Tan said...

fantastic..can you give some tutorial?

Paulo Guerreiro said...

Hi Wallace, No time for tutorial I'm afraid. But if you have Grasshopper you can easly replicate my definition. If you need I'll be glad to give some guidelines.