Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skinning steel part 2 in progress

I've been working in a way of "fractalise
" structures, It occurred to me that the same process could be applied to the skinning steel structure, Naturally it originates a different project, different spaces, etc. But a similar urban approach. This time creating glazed spaces inside and in-between the structure and surroundings.
I'll leave you a teaser.



STU said...

really like the amber color. nice!

Paulo Guerreiro said...

thks ! just for fun! in reality ot would show the inner spaces and lights, like a small city inside a fractal structure, envelope.

DH said...

hey! looks like a noise modifier un max, is it?

like ur work

Paulo Guerreiro said...


I don't work with max. but I've looked into the noise mod. you mentioned, and it's probably the same. It's a common modeling feature.

btw, nice blog, cheers

fluffy said...

firstly congrats for your great stuff.
secondly I have a question and you may help. I am doing my diplom in a quarry in Greece and trying to develop a structural system based on crystallography (with Rhinoscript). Did you develop your project in Rhinoscript?Do you have any hints?
any advice is wellcome.

Yoli said...