Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Biotope 2.0

Open possibilities on simbiotic shelter

living biotope, artificial inteligence, biotechnology, porous space, hybrid spaces, sustainability, sensible home

Biotope is nature inspired. The base concept in grown from the observation of small porous rocks and corals that provide habitat to living micro-organisms and small animals.
This simbiotic relationship between an organism and his living environment can also be taken from the micoscopic scale to a planetary onde, this way assuming the relation between a wole specie, like humankind and the planet itself. This notion of "oneness" finds it's midterm in the building scale. Where further speculations may interest architects and designers alike.
This assumed conceptual exploration is based on a coral-like building, working as a biotope.
The building would regulate aspects like shade, light, temperature, humidity control and others in the same way as a living organism. Based in advanced generative algotithms the biotope would be able to negotiate and manage the relation between the inside space and the outside environment.
At an interior level, managing the relation between inner "bubbles" of living space, promoting an hybridization of staying places and passage spaces, and the duality between mass and subtraction of mass. Exploring this way the notion of porous space

Cinema 4d

Modeling the main body, as a NURBS-Type polisurface. Sculp inner spaces and openings. Inculde a Hyper-NURBS modifier to combine and merge the inner spaces with the exterior polysurface creating a unified porous biotope shape.
A Physical model can be created by sectioning the biotope in Rhino 3d and produce severeal sections of the model in a CNC machine, by means of subtraction.

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